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There is a new version of NFK. Need For Kill 070 ! Go to Downloads page.


I just playing NFK =) One more demo. ([DJ]-Dimps vs Scooby-Doo Duel on dm2)


Here is another demo ([DJ]-Dimps vs N Duel on dm0). I think, i'll make a demos page for all the championships and for my games vs. each famous NFK Fan =) Just wait some days.
UPDATE: I make demos page, it almost empty =) WELCOME =)


Hi guys! I'm back. Homework successfully made =) I'm still a student =)
Yeah! A like this demo. ([DJ]-Dimps vs [EVIL]-ToxiN Duel on tourney7)
There will be a lot of maps, demos and new models on my site soon. Wait for updates ;)


It's time to do some homework =) That's why i absent for few weeks.
Here a interesting link: http://hybrid.ocry.com:8033/nfk/. Some IRC #nfk statistics. (Links are in Russian, but data is understandable, main field names are in english. Tip: use top link to get overall statistics)


Downloads page updated. A lot of Mods and Programs are available now!


Models page updated again. =) +~5 new models.
Bots page created! Very informative and useful. Welcome!
There are lot of new not-NFK programs(rus) at Downloads page.
By the way, yesterday, 24'th of July was NFK Author's Birthday! 3d[Power], our greets!


I have finally update Models page. Welcome!
Demos page in progress. It will be all-the-championship-demos page.


Now i fill up site with models. It's hard process =) That's why it can take lot of time(week).


Радостная новость, сайт снова будет обновляться. Ожидается, что получится что-то типа файлового сервера для демок, моделей, карт и т.д... Постепенно буду всё выкладывать, добавлять, писать новости. Так что иногда заходите - может быть найдёте что-то интересное.
By the way, sorry for my bad english, but i think, that all updates will be in english. For fun and for our non-russian-speaking fans.

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