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Name: Aconit

Team: no team yet

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Registered: February 11 '2013

Region: Europe

Can play as: Support Forest Hardline

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I started Dota 1 in 2005 and I have played HoN one year before starting Dota 2.

My Dotabuff link:

I play most of the time ganker/roamer/initiator like sand king, ES, Tide or vengefull. I'm quite good at support and I can hardlane or semi-carry if needed. There is no role where I'm bad but I'm not a really good carry and not a really good mid player.

My best quality is to be very peacefull. I never rage, never quit and never trashtalk. I play for fun but I have fun playing seriously, that's all. I don't want to play in competitive. I just want to play with 4 nice dota players.

Please contact in game with Steam.