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Name: Dmitriy

Team: no team yet

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Registered: February 10 '2013

Region: Europe

Can play as: Carry Mid Support

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I'll probably bore you with all that crap...
In short, I'm a decent player and want to have some fun with decent people.

General information
I'm a fairly new Dota player, started playing it a few months ago with a friend of mine who have helped me get the hang of many heroes and game mechanics.
I often like to experiment with new heroes and explore new ways in which they can be played. I found that playing heroes myself turned out to be the best way of learning them.
I would, however, say that the quality of my gameplay is highly dependent on my morale, the higher it is the better I will play. Which would make a well coordinated team with pre-designated roles and some sort of plan a good start, or at the very least one person who I can be confident with.

Regarding roles
-I can be a solid carry or a solid support/babysitter.
-I can play mid if need be, however I haven't had that much experience with it as I mostly play on side lanes.
-The only hero I can jungle effectively with right now is Axe.
-I want to learn how to play hard lane (solo lane) effectively, so far I've only had experience with sniper.

Contact me
Skype - dimon45003