DotaBro Open League Rules

1. All games are played in Captains Mode.

2. When found enemy team, follow System instructions: if you are told to CREATE GAME, create CM lobby with given password. Otherwise, join lobby with given password. Do not tell your lobby password to anyone.

3. You have up to 5 minutes to create lobby / join it and start the game. If one of the teams is ready, and another one is not, slow team is getting technical lose. But enemy might be kind enough to wait for slow team some more time, if they want.

4. Team that creates game can choose The Dire or The Radiant side. Joining team is getting other side.
If teams can't negotiate Server, Automatic server must be choosen.

5. Please don't kick official broadcasters. They cast with 2 minutes delay.

6. Ingame cheats and/or abuses are prohibited.

7. Please make sure enemy Ancient is destroyed before leaving the game, even if gg wp was called. Winner team is the one who have enemy Ancient destroyed.

8. After the game is finished, captains enter game result in System: My Team Won or My Team Lost. Please be honest and accurate.

9. If both captains have entered same game result (e.g. both have pressed We Lost), captains will be asked to change their decision or provide a proof of the result (screenshot, text description). Results of questioned game will be frozen until investigation of League Administration. Teams will not have to wait, they can continue finding enemies and playing right away.

10. Teams that violate rules will be given a Black mark ;)

We appreciate your fairness and good-will spirit. We are committed to protect you from possible abusers and make your gaming experience comfortable and highly competitive.

This rules might be changed and/or augmented by League Administration.