Today, we are proud to introduce you to our new player find system.

*Added ‘’Profile options’’ in player profile page.
Every user is now able to fill in recruitment information about themselves in their own profile and tag their profile depending on which role they usually play. By doing this, they will appear on the list of players that searching for a team. In description, put in as much information as you can about you as DotA player and leave your contact so team that is looking for player like you can contact you immediately!
*Added ‘’Find Player’’ on main page.
Teams that search for for new players or standins can easily filter out the list of players that are searching for team. In the options, besides server, role, name, they can also add rating range. Players get rating from playing scrims on DotaBro ladder.
For example, if your team needs support player from Europe, you will select ‘’Support’’ and ‘’Europe’’ to filter out the list. Once you do that, all the players from Europe that tagged themselves as support players will appear on the list. You can see their rating and their results with their previous teams/stacks on DotaBro. Check their information and contact in profile description and contact them easily!
*Added ‘’Profile option’’ for every team profile page.
If your team needs a player, you should put all the recruitment information in your team profile regarding the player role that you need at the moment. This way, if a player wants to join your team, he can contact you easily. Be sure to write in description all the information regarding the role you need and your contact!
*Added ‘’Update nickname’’ on player profile page.
Now everyone can update their nickname on DotaBro site if you had previously changed your nickname on Steam!

*Added ‘’Find team’’ on main page.
If you are searching for a team, you can find them on this list and filter them. If you are Hardline player from Europe you should select ‘’Hardline’’ and ‘’Europe’’ server. You can even choose the range of rating if you want to be a bit more specific regarding the skill level of team you are searching. Once you filter the list, click on team that you would like to contact and find all the information you need regarding the recruitment in their profile.
From today DotaBro offers a place where teams can easily search players, find standins, while players without a team can easily find other players to make a team or search a team that is looking for position that they play. We are still working on adding new features regarding the global profile system and we guarantee you that you will see some very interesting things soon!

Tournament #2 announcement is on the way, so better sharpen your blades, battle for qualifier spots will be very rough!