Here are most of the decks I play on stream. Some of these have become outdated with new patches and meta shifts. The last time a deck was updated is displayed, and I recommend paying attention to that. Please keep in mind that I often change these decks, because Hearthstone's meta is always shifting and moving forward.

Make sure you are following my Hearthstone twitch stream to get the latest information on how these decks should be played to be most effective and also have some Hearthstone action fun! ;)

Ten latest decks:

Updated: May 05 '2014

Updated: May 04 '2014

Tryhard (season 4)
Updated: April 24 '2014

Updated: April 21 '2014

8.5 in. Cockolisk
Updated: April 18 '2014

Cycle Hunter
Updated: April 09 '2014

Control Warrior
Updated: April 07 '2014

Giant Shaman
Updated: March 24 '2014

Updated: March 23 '2014

reynad Rogue
Updated: March 21 '2014