Author: Dimps (Dima Stefantsov)


Goodbye Magic Rush!

It was fun. Gameplay got too repetitive, not as rewarding as it was in the beginning. Game has low skill cap, but really high donate cap 😉 It’s a pay to win. Still, here...


Full bonus mode

We might have lost few lvl3 mines, but there is more metrics where Legendary alliance holds #1.


Lvl3 Mine attack

Intercepted from global chat (in Russian): -they have attacked you with just 6 men -yes, but look how good they are… About Legendary attack on lvl3 mine,


We have lost a mine again

This time to A SINGLE enemy from Донбасс alliance. He ported in, took it, ported out in a few minutes. Easy snatch. Please do reinforce your mine.


Dimps made it to Diamond

May not sound as cool, knowing Legendary guild is dominating first places in Arena. Dimps is VIP3, and it may be rough for non-top donaters. Nevertheless, Diamond!


Mid lane war

              46 vs 72, who will win? It comes down to epic 1 vs 1! Go, our hero mtntd1, go! 😉