Decklist :

Warlock (8)

Neutral (22)

Dust cost: 2,840 

Common: 40 x16 = 640
Rare: 100 x6 = 600
Epic: 400 x0 = 0
Legendary: 1600 x1 = 1600


This is the extremely powerful Zoo deck which you may have seen played a lot on the ladder already, the deck was made when I was trying to get legend on the Asia server. And I have been tweaking it for quite awhile.


I have also made a video explaining the picks I have made for the deck and how you shoud play with it


April 7 2014: Removed Mortal Coil x2, Millhouse ManastormTinkmaster Overspark; added King MuklaArgent Commander x2, The Black Knight

March 30 2014: Removed King Mukla and Blood Knight; added Mortal Coil x2

March 18 2014: Removed Scarlet Crusader x2; added King Mukla and Millhouse Manastorm

March 15 2014: Removed Harvest Golem x2, Young Priestess x2, Argent Commander x2; added Tinkmaster OversparkBlood Knight, Abusive Sergeant x2, Dark Iron Dwarf x2