Heroes of the Storm: Abathur XP mechanics

Blizzard have been working on their new dota-like game for few years already. It was first known as Starcraft 2 mod: Blizzard Dota. But after huge media success, they decided this idea worth it's own engine. Even though Dota was made using Blizzard's Warcraft 3 engine, Valve forbidden use of "dota" name. Game was renamed into "Blizzard All-Stars", and then renamed again into "Heroes of the Storm". Currently HotS is in closed alpha, but there are ways to try the game offline with bots (some people are using HeroesConfig from ownedcore).

The biggest difference from usual MOBA games is that in HotS XP is shared. There's team-wide level, every player in a team is always same level, and everyone is working towards getting XP for their team. You can tell that team experience is the most important mechanics in HotS. And to be good in HotS you must know everything about XP.

One interesting hero in HotS is Abathur. He is kind of zerg overmind, extremely weak physically, but his skills are map-wide. And one of main roles for Abathur would be to soak as much XP for the team as possible! I do not think you are interested very much in experimenting process, I'll just show the results I have found:

Body XP range:

Abathur Xp Range

You will not get XP if you are standing further than this.
Abathur is in the middle of the screen here ('C' button used), full screenshot.

XP for Abathur skills:

Symbiote (Q)
You get XP near both your actual body and symbioted minion.
Enemy will not get any additional XP for killing symbioted minion.

Toxic Nest (W)
You only get XP if Toxic Nest last-hitted mob.
Enemy will not get any XP from Toxic Nest, even if they killed it while it was building.

Ultimate Evolution (R)
You get XP near both your actual body (where you left it) and the hero copy.
Enemy will not get any XP from hero copy.

Locust Strain (Passive Combat Trait)
You only get XP if Locust last-hitted mob.
Enemy will not get any XP from Locust.

Now that we know Abathur have really lot of powerful ways of getting XP, and how exactly it works, it will be easy to adjust our behaviour to benefit team the most. A skilled Abathur can get XP from 2 lanes at once, maybe even 3 lanes. This hero is really powerful, and I believe we are going to see him played a lot in competitive scene.

Happy supporting ^^