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CommandLineTimer is a tool I can't imagine my life without, I hope you'll like it too.

Command Line Timer Window

timer 2m -d"Call somebody"

Whenever you need to be reminded of something, or you have to do something later, just start this program with command line parameters. For my command line tool I have alias:

timer == CommandLineTimer.exe -m

This is how I use it:

timer 2h
timer until 9:30
timer 1h 35m -d"Call somebody"


Command Line Timer System Tray

CommandLineTimer icon and tooltip in system tray



Working with time:

timer 2d 4h 8m 16s
timer 2 days 4 hours 8 minutes 16 seconds
timer until 13:55
timer until tomorrow 00:30
timer u 13:00
timer to 13:00
timer 13:00

Application parses time using .NET Framework built-in methods, so it's pretty flexible, just try to enter time the way you like.

Available command line parameters:

Application will be minimized to tray on startup:

-c | -close | -closeonstartup | -m | -minimize |
-minimizeonstartup | -minimise | -minimiseonstartup |
-mini | -min | -tray | -gotray | -gototray

Add description to timer:

-dTextWithNoSpaces | -d"Text with spaces"

Close all currently running timers:

-ka | -killall | -killalltimers | -ca | -closeall | -closealltimers